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Are You A Water Skier Or A Deep Sea Diver?


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Are You A Water Skier Or A Deep Sea Diver?

I heard this phrase the other day and it really hit home with me so I thought I’d share it with you and see what you think.

So let me explain the difference.

If you think of a water skier they whizz along skimming over the surface of the water, it’s a quick spin around and they’re back. In comparison, a deep sea diver will immerse himself into the deep water searching around for ages to find what lies within.

So which one are you?

Personally I’m definitely a Water Skier! But is this a good thing or a bad thing? And who decides anyway?!

I believe that nothing is intrinsically good or bad. It’s just our perception of it, it’s all subjective. Some people might view something as a good thing but yet others may believe that it’s a bad thing. It really is an individual choice and yet we get bogged down by what we think we should be or do, by other people’s opinions and by society’s point of view in general.

And I haven’t always been aware of this. I too have, and sometimes still do, feel obliged to go along with the general consensus of other people’s opinions and values. But really it’s no-one’s business but our own. Who is anyone to tell us how to think? We are all perfectly capable of making up our own minds, it’s just easier sometimes to go with the flow.

As for myself, I’ve always been quite blessed in that I can skim the surface like a water skier. For as long as I can remember I have been able to quickly grasp things with minimal effort, even at school, and onwards, I would do my work at the last minute and still do a good job or get a good mark. I can do things quite well with little effort. And I’m not saying this to brag because there’s a down side to doing this which worried me over the years and made me think that I wasn’t really good enough despite having this ability.

It might be a good thing to be able to do this but who decides anyway. But by being a water skier, a surface skimmer, I rarely delved deep like the deep sea diver in search of more hidden treasure.

But if I could do good things as a skimmer just think of what I could achieve if I took up deep sea diving occasionally.

I could get more minute details about something and learn every single thing there was to know. But how deep is deep enough, because we can always go deeper and deeper in certain situations. But by doing this we run the risk of never really getting started on the real work at all. For some people being a deep sea diver is great. They delve deep into things and produce something with so much information that it can be more than you would ever need to know. And yet for others being a deep sea diver can mean getting bogged down in the detail and getting stuck there where nothing productive actually gets done at all.

As we can see there are good and bad ways to look at both, so who decides? Is it society, is it magazines, is it school teachers?

Or is it us?

We are all different, all individual and unique and we can decide for ourselves. It’s allowed!

The ability to skim the surface like a water skier is a great skill but sometimes you may also need to delve deeper into things like a deep sea diver to get more details or do something a little more precisely. But whatever you do don’t get bogged down in the detail so nothing gets done or do something at such speed that things get missed.

But if you’re happy being a water skier then that’s great and don’t let anyone tell you different. And if you’re happy being a deep sea diver then that’s equally great too. If you’re happy, then enjoy it!

We can be whoever we want to be.

Of course, the problem only arises when we aren’t happy. That’s when we would like things to change.

So if you’ve always been a deep sea diver but long to be a water skier or you’ve always been a water skier but would love to dive deeper then you can always change things. I know it may seem difficult if that’s what you’ve always done, or always been. Sometimes it may even seem impossible, so you just put up with it as it is. But nothing is ever impossible.

Yes your mind may resist change but it does so out of fear and a need to keep you safe and familiar. But let me show you exactly how to guide your mind easily and effortlessly into new ways of thinking and new ways of doing. You’ll wonder why you waited so long.

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