May 27 19

Prices – Help Package


I understand that you’re probably not in the habit of putting yourself first. You’re too busy taking care of everyone and everything to even think of investing in your own self-care.

But this is important. You’ve come this far so I know you long for things to be different. For life to be easier.

It’s time for you now. It’s time to invest in your own happiness for a change and to design a life that you enjoy living.

What would you give to have that life right now?

  • Your right arm?
  • All the tea in China?
  • All your worldly goods?

Well it’s nowhere near that much!

In just 4 sessions with me, your life will change beyond recognition. It’s amazing, it’s powerful, it’s enjoyable and it’s quick. In just a few short weeks you’ll be wondering why you waited so long thinking about it.

And I’ve put together a very special price for you right now.

Normally a single session is £125 for 75-90 minutes. But I’ve put together a 4 session package for you with some great savings.

4 Session Package (paid in full) – ONLY £440 (Saving you a massive £60)

4 Session Package (2 instalments) – ONLY £230   x  2 (Saving you £40)

(You can pay the 2 instalments however it’s best for you, weekly, monthly, fortnightly, whatever you prefer)

Here’s What You’ll Get

In this amazing help package you will get:

  • 4 personal one-to-one sessions with me (75-90 mins each)
  • Continued online support throughout whenever you need it
  • A chance to get 2 audio recordings of your up-building mind therapy sessions to keep and listen to whenever you want (Only if you pay for all 4 sessions together)
  • An additional free 30 min follow up telephone/online session 6-8 weeks after completion to check you’re still on track
  • Welcome pack.

So What Now?

If someone said to you “Give me £440 and I’ll change your life into the kind of life you’ve always longed for”, what would you say?

Well, I’m saying it to you now. So what’s the answer?

That life is waiting for you. But I can’t do it without you. Come on, let’s do it!

If you prefer to pay in instalments, click here to message me and I’ll get that sorted for you. MESSAGE ME HERE

I can’t wait to meet you and get started on making those amazing changes!

Much love

Sue x