Oct 21 16

What’s In Your Way?



Whatever it is that you are trying to achieve, is there something that is hindering you?

You keep trying to do something but never quite get there. What is stopping you, what’s your ‘excuse’?

And I use the word ‘excuse’ not in a bad way because there is a real reason why you aren’t achieving what you want to. And by pinpointing what is in your way you take the first step to changing it.

If it remains there then you will always struggle, whether it is losing weight, changing your life, becoming more confident, whatever it is. So think about that first.

Let’s take the example of losing weight. If you struggle to lose weight because you’re too busy and you’re never organized enough then that will always be your downfall. So instead of trying and failing doing the same thing again and again, why not find a way to make a little time to be more organized. Even if it’s just 5 minutes before you go to bed to decide what you’re going to eat the next day and when you could move a bit more. Then when tomorrow comes and you’re busy you’re more likely to make the right choices.

So think, what small things can you do to solve the obstacle first and this will make your actual goal a lot easier to achieve.

Imagine someone on an assault course. You know the sort I mean, like an army training course, out in the mud, trying to get over, under, around and through various difficult obstacles. And then at the end there’s usually a great big wall to get over and you see that one person struggling to get over that wall. And they try and try to get over the wall, almost making it but never quite managing.

They could try for ever and never succeed. Wasting time and getting more and more despondent.

But what do you think would happen if they just made that wall a bit lower? It wouldn’t even have to be that much. If that wall, that obstacle, was even slightly smaller then that person could easily overcome it.

So picture the scene again, they take a big run up, jump up the wall and hop straight over the top. And all because they had made that obstacle that little bit smaller. It didn’t have to be removed completely, it just had to be reduced in size a little.

And I know that life can be hectic (I certainly do!) so how can you make it that little bit easier for yourself?

Think about what is getting in your way and tackle that obstacle first.

Once you have done that, your goal will be so much easier to achieve. Try it and see.

(ps. if you need help with this or any other of life’s issues then please get in touch and let me make things easier for you.)

Marines with Weapons Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, Marine Rotational Force - Darwin, work together to scale a wall at an obstacle course during a week-long squad competition aboard Robertson Barracks, June 2, 2014. Each squad will complete a variety of infantry obstacles and events that are either timed or scored against other competing squads. The rotational deployment of U.S. Marines affords an excellent combined training opportunity with the Australian Defence Force, and improves interoperability between both forces.