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What’s Your Kryptonite?

Are You Up For The Challenge? Let’s Do This Together!


Starts Monday 5th August 2019

And it’s completely FREE!

What’s your Kryptonite?

What is the main thing that is your downfall where eating is concerned?
What’s that one food or drink that trips you up and makes you lose control of the reigns?

I have a few but my main one is cakes/biscuits (and chocolate/sweets – basically sugary stuff!). I’m ok if I don’t have them and I lose the craving but if I have them again then I want more! And more!!

So I’ve decided to give them up for 7 days. To start to get them out of my system so I can gain control of my Kryptonite and regain my power over what goes in my mouth!

Will you join me?

What’s your Kryptonite?
Your biggest enemy that leaves you powerless and weak!
Can you give it up for 7 days?
Will you?

And I’m not asking you to give up anything else at all, you can have whatever else you like apart from that one thing. That dreaded Kryptonite.

So come on and join me in this special Facebook group where each day you will receiveĀ help and information to conquer your enemy for good!

To join, just complete your details and you’re in!

This is the first step to a new improved version of you!

The gauntlet has been laid down.
Will you accept the challenge?