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Personal Help Package

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Hey, how’s life? Not great right now?

Have you had enough? Are you fed up? Exhausted with it all? Do you feel like you’re hanging on to that last scrap of sanity by your fingertips?

Are you feeling like a failure because so much is expected of you? You’re supposed to be strong, right? The capable one, the fixer.

I know you’re working too hard and trying to do too much, but you want to do a good job, I know, that’s the kind of person you are. But does anyone really appreciate it or do they put on you even more because you try to be willing and capable.

It seems like you’re always trying to do your best but it never seems like it’s good enough. And you’re so exhausted with it all.

When did you lose control of your life? I know, it crept up on you from behind while you weren’t looking and now it’s too late. And it feels like it’s affecting every area of your life – your relationships, your self-esteem, your health and your energy. If only you could regain that control and do things differently.

There’s so much pressure.

In this fast moving and mixed up, crazy world there’s so much pressure. It seems like you’re always expected to do better and to be better. And it’s exhausting! Be more pretty or handsome, have a certain look, wear the right clothes, go to the right places, follow the “in” diet or fitness craze, work harder, earn more money, have amazing relationships and be happy all the time. And you’re not allowed to grumble! Because you’re so much better off than a lot of people in this world, aren’t you? But how are you expected to be happy trying to do all those impossible things? You don’t stand a chance and you’re being set up to fail right from the start.

And that’s exactly what does happen. And it doesn’t make you happy! In fact, you end up miserably comparing your life to other people’s, feeling even more depressed as you unwittingly compare your unedited version to their show-reel of best bits.

And you drag yourself to bed exhausted, only to toss and turn all night before getting up and doing the same old thing again. Every day’s the same and you can’t see any end to it! Is this how it’s meant to be, is this just how life is? Should you just accept it and get on with things?

Because you could do it, in fact that’s exactly what you have been doing for quite a while now. But what a grind that is, every day the same, feeling like there’s something missing but not really knowing what it is or how you can get it. But you do know that this is not exactly what you had planned for your life.

So what can you do?

You don’t have to live like this, you know. You don’t have to put up with it. You don’t have to drag yourself through every joyless day for the rest of your life, painting on that false smile and pretending that you’re ok when really you’re not. I completely get how you’re feeling, I really do. And I know how exhausting it can be. Because I’ve been helping people exactly like you for many years. Amazing people who have lost the will to fight any more, who have been knocked down so many times, they wonder if it’s really worth getting up again.

And I can help you too. You are good enough and you are lovable, exactly as you are. You can be your real self and be truly happy. It really is possible!

Here are a few things that I will help you to do:

  • To clear out and let go of all those old unwanted emotions from the past. All that hurt and sadness, those feelings of guilt along with the fear and anger and other mixed up emotions you’ve managed to collect over the years. You don’t need them anymore so I will help you to keep the good stuff and get rid of all the rubbish. Just like wiping the slate clean so you can start afresh.
  • To realise that you are good enough and you are lovable. I will help you to build up your confidence and your self-esteem, which has taken a fair few knocks over the years, and to anchor such new amazing feelings so that you can access them whenever you need to. And when you feel confident and happy again you can find joy in everything you do.
  • To unjumble all the mixed-up happenings of the past so that you can see things more clearly, helping you to regain control of your pathway through life from now on. And when you’re back in control of your life, then you can do absolutely anything you desire.
  • To look forward to and plan a much brighter future for yourself, the one you’d given up hope of ever having, but together we can make it possible. I can help you to live the life you want, being your true self and doing whatever brings you joy and happiness from now on.

How amazing will your life be when you feel calm again and back in control of your life once more? When you are happy with yourself and your life, when you love who you are and are happy in your own skin. Feeling confident in everything you do, able to say no to things you don’t want and yes to things that you do, without that old feeling of guilt or resentment getting in the way. And the truly amazing thing is that you will realise that the chatter inside your head has stopped at last and has been replaced by that elusive inner peace. That true happiness and contentment that can’t be faked.

Click here for more about information about your sessions WHAT TO EXPECT.

So how can you sign up and what do you get?

You will get all the amazing things I’ve already mentioned, and this is how we will do it. In this new help package you will get:

  • 4 personal one-to-one sessions with me (75-90 mins each)
  • Continued online support throughout whenever you need it
  • A chance to get 2 audio recordings of your up-building mind therapy sessions to keep and listen to whenever you want (Only if you pay for all 4 sessions together)
  • An additional free 30 min follow up telephone/online session 6-8 weeks after completion to check you’re still on track
  • Welcome pack.

And you can sign up by clicking this button

 So who am I and why am I different?

Hi, I’m Sue and I know exactly how you feel because that used to be me. I have lived a fair few years and have had a full and varied life in every sense of the word – been there, done that, bought the t-shirt as they say! I’ve learned so many things over the years and have tried so many therapies, with either little or no success. I have learned to evolve and grow over the years, making mistakes and learning lessons, but it was slow going. That is until I found the therapy that I do myself now. It helped me so much that I immediately decided to train in it myself, so that I could help as many people as possible to live a much happier life, just like me.

What is it that I do?

It’s a mixture of life coaching and personal support, counselling and an unbiased listening ear, mind therapies like NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming – changing the way you think and see things in the future), Time-Line Therapy (to let go of all the old stuff from your past), a massive amount of life experience, huge amounts of empathy and understanding, and a results driven focus to make sure that you have every chance of making those changes.

I have a beautiful and welcoming therapy room where you can easily relax and feel at home, or you can have online sessions in the comfort and privacy of your own home if you’re not able to travel to me. I promise to be your biggest supporter and friend along the way and will help you wherever I can. I also promise you complete confidentiality .

To read more about my story click here READ MY STORY

How do you know it works?

Here are a few things that people are saying after they have worked with me:

“I can’t thank Sue enough for giving me my happy life back. I’ve always been a fun loving ‘glass half full’ kind of person but a series of major life events, work stresses and family health issues left me feeling like life was way more hard work than pleasure. As a strong and proud person, admitting I needed help and asking for it was extremely difficult as I felt like a failure, and to be honest the support I received from the local health services was not great. The sessions with Sue were fantastic. Sue shows great compassion and empathy and tailored the sessions to me. She helped me to understand how my mind works. The challenges in my life haven’t changed but how I react to them has! I have been to hell and back this last year but the sessions with Sue and the homework she set have been great fun and I am once again that happy person, looking forward to each new day. Please don’t wait as long as I did to ask for help, call Sue now.” – Charlotte


“Coaching sessions with Sue are life enhancing. All I can say is, everyone should have a Sue in their lives. Sue is caring, warm and friendly in her approach. She puts you at ease and definitely goes that extra mile to make sure you have the best experience for your needs. My mind needed de-cluttering and with Sue’s coaching techniques of clearing out the old to bring in the new, after just a few sessions my mind was much clearer. Sue is gifted in knowing how to help by adapting sessions and making them a special personal journey. The techniques she uses make you feel very safe and relaxed. I highly recommend that anyone seeking to change their lives for the better get in touch with her. Sue will listen and advise, always putting your needs first. Thanks for being you Sue” – Katharine


“After seeing Sue and undergoing neuro-linguistic programming, I have had an amazing transformation that has benefited not only my relationship but also my mindset towards everyday things, however small or large they may be. I was apprehensive of undertaking psychological therapy to begin with but after doing it, I most certainly have no regrets and 100% believe it is worth it if anybody is in doubt. Sue’s also an extremely lovely person and makes you feel at ease throughout.” – Oliver


“Where do I start? Since attending  life coaching with Sue my life has improved in so many ways. She’s helped me realise that I can achieve my goals and overcome my fears. Before completing my sessions with Sue I was controlled by my insecurities and doubts and I talked myself out of situations that would make me feel anxious. I constantly spoke negative about myself and had no confidence in my abilities. Well, no more! I have found my confidence again, I hold myself high, I stand up for myself, face my fears and more. Sue is unbelievable! Her encouragement, knowledge, understanding and kindness is rewarding.” – Nicola

What If I’m Still Not Sure?

I understand you might be nervous about making changes and investing in yourself. You’re probably way down on your list of priorities or things to do. But isn’t it about time you started taking care of yourself for a change? Don’t you long to be happy?

If you would like to have a chat with me about it to see if it’s right for you then that’s ok. You can book in for a FREE no obligation consultation where we can decide if we’re a right fit to work together or not.

I only work with people who are truly committed to change and so if you think this is you but you just need that final push, then please click here and complete your details on the form CLICK HERE . I’ll then be in touch with you asap to arrange a meeting.

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